Need a design, promo animation or a 3D model for your project? Let me help you!


Anywhere I go my DSLR follows me and together we make unic photos. Check out my latest photographs from my trip in summer 2021 in Romania!


I've been making Stop-Motion animated videos for over 10 years, primarily using LEGO bricks as my medium. Over the years I gaind a lot of experience and developed my animation studio.
Digital animation and Motion Graphics are another passion of mine! Whether you need cartoony animation or something more realistic, I’ll give your project a unique look. I'd love to help you make your next project in a unique Lego style!

3D Modeling

Need a 3D model? I can create lowpoly and also if you need a highpoly model. Check out my 3D models!

Graphic Design

Need a Logo for your project? Or maybe a nice illustration? Check out my gallery of art and see if there’s anything you like.



Hello! My name is Harald Müller, also known as BrickHario since 2016!
Independent animator and graphic designer, based in Austria.
Feel free to check out my projects! ;)

Interested in hiring me for your next project or a collab? Do you have a burning question to ask?
Send me a email and let‘s have a chat! You can also contact me via social media below.
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